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Nursing bra in the right size

There are even some combination bras that allow you to pump or breastfeed while wearing them . Between nursing and pumping, our tester used this bra for eight months and raved about the silky, stretchy fabric and incredibly comfortable fit that made her breasts feel secure while keeping mastitis at bay. We rated the overall fit for this bra a 5, because our tester was able to wear it from the day her baby was born to the day she was ready to wean.

Made of luxe bamboo viscose, this deep-plunge bra is wire-free and features beautiful, delicate lace details. While our tester loved the material of this bra, she noted that the silky texture could be problematic when it comes to absorbing a sudden let down or leaking drops of milk. Also, the convenient pumping slits aren’t hidden and the outlines can be seen through a thinner shirt.

“”Any bra that is going to be worn during the postpartum period should be made of material that washes well, like cotton or nylon,”” Agi says. “”Between leaky breasts, increased sweat from hormonal imbalances, and baby spit up, these bras are going to be washed a lot.”” If you’re a fan of Cosabella’s popular lace bralette, you’ll likely enjoy adding this pick to your lingerie collection. Our tester found the bralette style comfortable, and it does provide some support. “”If you have to flash a bit of bra in public to breastfeed, it’s absolutely beautiful,”” she said.

Our testers found that the bra’s overall fit was spot-on, with no gaping and no digging in. “”I have a few of these and I wear them everyday. Super affordable and sooo much more comfortable than anything with underwire.”” Because your breasts can change during pregnancy and directly after birth, Murray recommends playing the waiting game. Sexy and nursing don’t typically go hand-and-hand, but with the Cake Maternity Tutti Frutti best nursing bra, you can reignite your inner fox—even if it’s between nursing sessions.

Lactation consultant Jenn Sullivan says she often sees women who have clogs from these because the built-in bra is too tight. If your bra forms indentations like those you might get from too tight socks, it’s too small across the breasts and could cause clogs. We recently reviewed this guide and think our picks are still solid options if you need a nursing bra right now. “”I have a Bravado bra and I love it. They’re pricey but well worth the comfort. I was a 36D before pregnancy and these are the only ones that fit.”” Try this bra available in a neutral hue if you like, or opt for a more unique option like jade green or midnight blue.

Those features can make it too compressive to wear while you’re pregnant or in your first few months postpartum. The Larken X, however, is so stretchy and soft on sensitive skin that you can safely wear it before baby arrives. It gives just enough support to take the weight off your breasts and allows them plenty of room to grow.

This related version is designed for wireless or wearable pumping bras, like the Elvie or Willow. It combines that popular design with the stretchy cotton-modal fabric of its hands-free pumping bra but with a little more compression to hold the milk collection cups securely in place. And like its hands-free pumping bra, this one holds up really well through the laundry without pilling, sagging or shedding threads.

If you’re focused on getting the biggest bang for your buck, a maternity bra that can transition with you into motherhood is a smart investment. While it’s a median-priced solution on our list, you may like that it features a stay-put lower band that prevents the bra from riding up. However, even though this has built-in foam for added support and shaping, you may want to add nursing pads to prevent leaks as it would require changing the entire top versus simply changing a bra.

While you go on to buy a nursing bra online, it is very much obvious that you come across the ones with underwire. Now, you may wonder what usage can bra wires have in a feeding bra. Bust sagging is quite common after childbirth and this feature offers that extra stability. But, it is recommended that they have opted only after 6-8 weeks once the lactation is regularised.

Designed to mould to your body for chafe-free comfort, I wore it throughout breastfeeding and credit it with keeping my E cup breasts in check. The removable foam inserts were a godsend when things got leaky and the super-stretchy fabric definitely adjusted to my changing shape. If you have larger breasts and you’re looking for a no-nonsense bra with comfort in mind, buy this in every colour and you won’t regret it.

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