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New & Used Diesel Generators For Sale

The all-power diesel engines we provide are easy to maintain, tolerate dirty fuel, and provide incredible endurance in the harshest environments. small business blog also provide the response and longevity required for many applications. Many people look for “”cheap”” diesel generators, but the right kilowatt fit is more important than initial cost. They are also EPA-compliant from the Generac factory. The low–switch can be set just above the minimum battery SOC that is allowed. The optimum choice for the high–switch is less straightforward and depends among others on the load pattern.

Fueling this engine is a great 12-gallon diesel source that can keep its operation for a whopping 32.4 hours on a half load. The Onan 8.0HDKAK-1046 Quiet Diesel Generator was our premium choice because of the 8000 watts of power, the light maintenance it may require, and one of its key features, its quietness. This one will cost you significantly more than the overall pick, but its long-lasting capabilities and performance may make up the difference in cost. It is not likely that it is a highly portable generator because of its 420 pounds, but you will find the rest of its features to be above standard.

The diesel generator will be started when the state of charge of the batteries falls below a certain predefined value (low–switch). If the diesel generator is running, it will be stopped when the batteries are recharged to a predefined level (high–switch) or if the energy production of the wind turbine exceeds the load demand. Under good conditions, diesel fuel will last between six and 12 months without additives. Gasoline, on the other hand, only has a shelf life of about three months without additives. A shorter shelf life means that gasoline must be treated and used at a rate of two to four times greater than diesel. That usage requirement can add significant costs to owning a generator.

There are 4 power outlets; 1x 30amp 120-volt twist lock, 2x 20amp 120-volt, and a second twist lock that you can change the output between 120 volts and 240 volts. This design also completely complies with EPA and CARB rules, so you can use your device in any US state. The battery is not combined with the structure, so you will have to order this separately if you want to utilize the electric start although there is a designated gap for it.

It has a low total harmonic distortion and high output making it the smarter option for connecting sensitive instruments. There is no fuel supply inside the frame, so you should attach a separate fuel tank to achieve the engine running. Keep in mind that it applies 0.43 gallons of diesel per hour during a 50% load performance.

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