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Make Your Own Mouse Pad Specter Custom Mousepads

Creating your own from scratch, personalized mouse pads make a great addition to any store. Power of personalization continues to gain ground, personalized mouse pads are an easy way to gain an edge over your competition, build your brand, and increase sales. From our proprietary print profile to your final mousepads, mats, or other promotional products we use only quality products.

Wasn’t finding the measurements I was after and reviews/pics weren’t that great. Stumbled here, saw some good reviews and pictures of products looked great. Now that I have ordered and received the pad I can honestly say I found the right place. Not only does the mousepad look and feel great, they were prompt in communication when I had questions and nice enough to send a photo along before it was shipped out. My only real complaint and I wouldn’t even call it one, was I wanted the trim stitching to be black and was told they couldn’t do it. I think it would have brought the piece together a little better but no biggie.

The rubber base keeps the mouse pad firmly gripped to the desk. The latest printing techniques allow you to create designs with vibrant and intense colors. Our anime mousepads is designed to protect your wrist with an ergonomic Memory Foam™ resting pad. The latest printing techniques allow you to create designs with bright and crisp colors.

Our three mouse pad sizes most commonly ordered are 9.25” x 7.75”, 7.5” x 8” and 8” round. We have a large selection of other sizes and set-ups also available. Let your representative know if you are looking for a specific size, or shape, for your mouse pad if you don’t see it listed. You can upload a design file or create custom mouse pads from scratch in our design studio. For more inspiration, explore our gallery of fully customizable design templates.

After buying my first gaming computer last month, I knew I wanted the perfect desk pad to go with it. Trouble was, no one made it, and the other custom places kind of sucked. They wouldn’t align the image right, or you couldn’t pick the background color. Seemingly simple things that mean a great deal when you’re spending money.

It all starts with you – create unique designs and add that perfect finishing touch to your customers’ setup. We help to build up your brand name by adding your company logo on custom mouse pads. Whether you’d like to sell custom mouse pads, t-shirts, or phone cases, Printify has something to suit everyone’s needs. Our catalog has more than 600 unique, customizable, and high-quality products at the best prices on the market. LED mouse pads are made to enhance your customers’ experience through unrivaled performance, comfort, and style. As aesthetically pleasing as they are practical, our custom mouse pads are a surefire way to make a profit.

Whether it’s for the office or home, a well-designed mouse pad can serve as a source of motivation and inspiration while improving control and accuracy. The price of our rectangular mouse pads is $4.37, and they come in one standard size – 9”×8”. To view the final product, check its quality, and see whether you’re happy with the design, we recommend ordering samples. A sample is a real product, therefore it costs the same as any product you sell to your customers. Mockup Generator, you can easily add your design, text, and make your vision of the perfect LED mouse pad come to life.

We can produce your photo mouse pad with custom design. No matter whether you need them for commercial use or as personal item – we can guarantee the fast turnaround time. The price of our mouse pads with wrist rest is $14.22, and they come in one standard size – 10.15”×9.17”. We aim to build a large Australian business that can employ hundreds of Australians all over the country to print and deliver custom mousepads every day for the lowest price.

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