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Jeopardy! Game Template for PowerPoint

Students of all ages love Jeopardy for a fun study game! Each dollar amount is linked to a separate slide in the presentation. All you need to do is change the category titles and questions to match any subject or unit! Use the back button at the bottom of each slide to return to the game board. Do you need some activities to review concepts with your students?

It would be a great addition to your already fantastic presentation deck. Go through the slides and enter your categories, answers, and questions, and then you’re ready to play. Youth Downloads has created a Jeopardy template that is incredibly easy to use. It has room for six categories with five questions and answers per category, complete with a Final Jeopardy round.

Also, you can edit and create new slide layouts in the Slide Master tool. Also, you will explore how it’s made, with detailed step-by-step instructions. As a bonus, you’ll get a free Jeopardy template to play with.

After you have created your own game, it’s time to invite other players! You’ll need two or more people in order to play the game, plus a piece of paper and pencil to write down the players’ score. Run the game either on your website or in iSpring Space and be the host. In the original TV version of this game, contestants can buzz in to give an answer.

I’ve tried every possible way and never get the “transparent shape” mentioned, nor the Add Link option. Can you please revisit this issue and update the fix for it? I have everything filled in and the master panel works great. I can click on any category/point value and the appropriate question/slide pops up. However, the “back to panel” option does not work on any slide. Did I fail to do something correctly or is there a hiccup in the program?

Hi Nicole, I’m afraid that score can’t be done in the template itself as there could be a variable number of contestants, so I can’t make a ready-made design. Hi Amaris, I’m sorry but that’s not posible. The “Jeoparty” text is actually a drawing. Although the font is different you can use the “winner” text in slide 34, that one is editable .

Start your presentation and test out all the links. Make sure you can go from your board to a specific question, to the answer, back to the question, back to the answer and finally back to the board. To add more questions and answers, just copy the question and answer slide you already have. The buttons that you made are dynamic and will continue to work. The only thing that you’ll have to do is to add question and answer content and link from the board to the question. Although a jeopardy game seems to be a fun game for children, it is quite possible to use it for adults as well.

Nevertheless, you might have already discovered the little loudspeaker symbol in the left, upper corner of some PPT slides. This is the second option to add audio to any presentation. Once you added a new graphic, the size can get changed by clicking on any corner of the graphic and moving the cursor. Whenever you click on a PowerPoint element, a menu in the menubar is highlighted orange. By opening it, you will get a lot more options to adjust the object. Some of our slides also include shapes like rectangles.

If you liked the funny End of Course Jeopardy template that we have used for this tutorial, you can download and edit it for free. You can also have a look at our other interactive themes. Click on the “English” button, select the text and then, in the toolbar, click on Insert link. Then choose Slides in this presentation and choose the one that corresponds with the cover slide of the English section. The list below includes multipurpose Google Slides templates designed by experts. Explore them to spark more slideshow ideas.

When the music ends, or as soon as someone got the right answer right, click on the button “”click here for the answer””. By clicking one more time, you will get back to the money board and the money field of the question disappears. The only drawback is that the category links do not change color after you click on them. Currently Google Slides does not have an option to indicate a link has already been clicked on, but hopefully they will add that option in the future.

You can insert all your own information and all the slides are linked for you, ready to go. We’ll use a PowerPoint table to create the Jeopardy game board. Then we will add hyperlinks to each cell (e.g., SCIENCE for $400) that will link to the respective clue slide in the presentation. Finally, we’ll put our game into a web format. Download our google slide jeopardy template by hislide to illustrate Online fun Games to your audience. In addition, this Game template will help to get your audience into a delightful mood.

The real quiz show has three rounds in which three contestants play against each other. We guarantee that our slides are characterized by the following features. These are high-quality elements that are suitable for displaying on various screens. They make work more convenient; slides are equipped with a pack of built-in tools. Quizzes are great tools to get your audience involved, as they need to participate and give their own answers.

Just insert the necessary questions and answers. Google Slides Jeopardy Template, a premium template on Envato ElementsStarting from scratch on a Google jeopardy template isn’t an easy task. There are some free interactive or jeopardy game templates found on the internet. It helps if you’re on a limited budget and have low expectations. Now we need to go to the game board and link the question score amount to the appropriate question slide. Highlight some text, right click, click “Link,” and pick the appropriate question slide.

Experience has taught me that when it comes to presentations, good design is just as important as the content. So I put all my design knowledge into creating the best templates to take your slides to the next level. Anyway, the theme includes the usual master designs and resources that you can find in all SlidesCarnival templates.

Do you want to download what you need before signing up for a subscription? You’ll be able to get your hands on Google Slides game templates that you can try out with a pay-per-download model. Use resources available online to your advantage. Add appropriate audio or video to your presentation to keep things fun and engaging

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