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Getting To & From the Airport by Bus – Check Kefalonia bus timetable 2023

They might run them in the middle of September but I can’t remember how long they did last year. There is a bus stop at Xi beach, no idea if it has a name other than Xi bus stop. Hi Michelle, you can find the bus times back to Argostoli on the right hand side of each schedule under “Return”. The Athens tram is a great way to see the city, including the scenic beaches of the Saronic Gulf. Intercity trains have economy class and first-class seat options.

Economy class seats are still quite wide at the shoulders and comfortable but there is less privacy. From the airport, catch Glasgow Airport Express service 500 from stance 1. From the city, catch Glasgow Airport Express service 500 from Buchanan Bus Station, stance 46.

If you have not brought your vehicle to Kefalonia, consider renting a car for your transfer and excursions. It is recommended that you book your vehicle in advance as demand increases during the summer. The local kefalonia bus timetable 2023 is issued only until the first of May. Nearer to your stay on the island, have a look at the KTEL Kefalonia website for the new local bus schedules. Beginning of May the bus schedules for the public busses are still quite basic . At this time of the season, I would suggest hiring a car to get around.

There is a wide range of different ferries available in Greece, each with its special qualities and characteristics. They sail in an extensive, versatile, complex network of ferry lines serving every island and port in Greece, under several private ferry companies. Further more during the summer period Kefalonia is directly connected to many European cities with charter flights. Flight time approximately 1 hour and in high season there are 2 flights per day. A ticket from Kefalonia Airport to Argostoli’s town center costs around 2.00 Euros per person – you can buy tickets from the driver. Click to find out more

Hi Holly, I am not sure how many stops the bus will do on its way to Fiskardo but I think 1 hour from Ag.Efimia to Fiskardo is a good guess. The bus stop is above Fiskardo, only a minute or two from the harbour. A trip from Lixouri to Sami will cost approximately 3,80 Euro. The connection was denied because this country is blocked in the Geolocation settings. Locally you can also find caiques, which are bare-bones, traditional vessels designed to take you short distances around an island or across to another island. They usually only have seating outdoors on hard wooden seats, no toilets, and will sway a lot.

A well-developed bus network connects virtually the entire island. There are bus services to Fiskardo, Poros, Skala, Sami, Kourkoumelata, the Monastery of Agios Gerasimos, Lassi and Agia Efimia. There is also bus services between Poros and Skala, and between Sami and Fiskardo. To book a ticket, you can use the vendors you will find at every train station in Athens to issue yourself an anonymous ATH.ENA card. This card can be loaded with a single fare of 90 minutes for all public transport or a 24-hour or 5-day one or a special airport ticket.

But as far as I know you can only go towards Argostoli and have to get another bus to Sami from the central bus station. Unlike Zakynthos, Kefalonia do operate a public transport system to and from the airport and beyond. Most routes go via Argostoli so you really need to check the timetables to see if this is a viable option for airport transfers. The Ionian Islands are connected to the mainland through the ports of Patra, Igoumenitsa, and Kyllini.

Domestic flights can shorten the traveling times though they can be more expensive. During summer, the busiest tourist time, buses connect Kefalonia Airport with Argostoli. Ktel, the bus operator, has been on the island for some 50 years, offering 42 inter-urban and 5 city bus services.

If you are interested in it, contact your accommodation a few days before your arrival on the island. To find the bus schedule and book a ticket online, please visit the Kefalonia Bus station site. Bus service is provided between the Airport and the city of Kefalonia. The bus stop is located at the left side of the main entrance of the departures building. You need to get the bus from the airport to Argostoli bus station and from there zou take another bus to Skala. Children up until 6 years old often get to travel free on public transport but make sure to ask first before you use the transportation.

So maybe you should choose a different day to go and stay at Divarata if you want to go on to Fiskardo the next day. The intra-regional ones are the buses that connect cities with each other and will go on the main highways to do it. The local ones will not go on the highway and will instead use the regional roads and connect the many villages of an area with each other. Local KTEL buses are what you will find on the island and in areas where there are clusters of villages to explore. The trains in Greece are managed by Trainose, the Greek railway company. There are the city trains and the trains connecting Greek cities.

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